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Use of Force

Statement of Concern: Unnecessary use of handcuffs 

Melbourne Activist Legal Support is concerned about the increasing normalisation of the use of handcuffs on protesters and other people subject to arrest.    

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Statement of Concern: Police use of projectile weapons

Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) expresses concern regarding use of projectile weapons at Melbourne protest on 21 August 2021. Pepper ball rounds were confirmed to have been used by Victoria Police during the “anti-lock down protest” at various locations in Melbourne’s central business district on the afternoon of Saturday, 21 August, 2021. Photo and video…

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Event Report: Invasion Day Rally, March 2018

Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) fielded a team of seven(7) legal observers at the 2018 Invasion Day Rally and March which was organised by the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR). The team observed and noted police behavior, crowd control tactics and interactions with the public from 9.30am until the completion of the event at 3.30pm….

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