Get Involved

Get Involved

How can I get involved?

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS). There are many ways you can contribute to our work, knowing you are helping to provide critical support to Victoria's diverse and powerful movements for social and environmental justice.

Here are some ideas to get involved...

Become a legal observer

MALS maintains an active pool of trained volunteer legal observers to observe protests as part of a team. To become a fully-trained MALS legal observer, you need to attend an introductory legal observer training workshop and complete two legal observing shifts. Once you are fully-trained you have the opportunity to upskill as a Legal Observer Team Coordinator to help organise and lead teams of legal observers in the field.

Please join our mailing list to be the first to know when the next legal observer training workshop will be held.

Become a regular donor

Activist legal support makes movements stronger. Becoming a monthly donor supports us in our work and enables us to train and field more legal observers at more protests.

One of the best ways you can support MALS is with a small regular donation!

Become a MALS member and join a working group

You can support MALS according to your skills, experience, or interests by joining one of our working groups:

  • Support social movements with useful, up-to-date legal rights information with our Writing, Research and Resources Team who conduct legal research, write articles and blog posts, create activist legal support resources, and develop guides and education materials.
  • Help to keep MALS going with our Fundraising Team! Organise annual funding drives, seek and apply for grants, coordinate fundraising events, and build relationships with donors. 
  • Join our Training Team and help us to provide regular high-quality legal observer training workshops as well as tailored ‘know your rights’ workshops, which are available upon request.
  • Tell our story, advocate for our work and ensure we’re getting the right information to the people who need it at the right time by joining the Media and Communications Team. You could work across media relations, social media, or a number of other communications activities.
  • Help the Social & Wellbeing Team build a strong culture of community care, socio-emotional health & wellbeing so we can do this work safely and sustainably.

All MALS members are invited to join one or more of these teams.


Become a MALS member and let us know what your skills and interests are by submitting our short online MALS membership application form.