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Looking for activist legal support right now?

For questions concerning potential legal support for a past action or current charges, please explore our list of contacts for supportive legal firms.

About us

Activist Legal Support

Activist legal support is more important than ever. It builds resilience and helps us to stay active when the police take action.

Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) runs periodic training workshops for activists and community campaigners to understand the bigger picture of activist Legal Support by drawing on the lessons from decades of activist Legal Support Teams. These workshops cover the whys and hows of setting up an effective activist legal support system for your campaign or action.

Workshops on general legal support aim to help activist organisers understand why activist legal support is important as part of your overall campaign or action strategy: What does a good Legal Support team do?  How do you work with lawyers and support arrestees and activists facing court? What should be considered before, during and after an action?

Topics covered can include:

  • How to set up a Legal Support Team
  • Planning for support and solidarity
  • The role of Legal Observers in an action
  • Gathering evidence of police misconduct
  • Role of police liaison
  • Monitoring arrests
  • Arrest support
  • Court support
  • Legal solidarity

Want to request a training workshop?

Please contact us to discuss MALS delivering a training for your activist group or community.