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OC Spray Legal Info

If you are affected by OC spray* or assaulted by police at a protest in Victoria

  • Take a photo of your injuries, or ask someone to, as soon as possible.
  • See a doctor to have your injuries documented and treated.
  • When you are safe, write down everything you can recall. Even a few short lines about what happened will be useful—e.g. what was happening before the spray, describe the police and list their ID numbers if you have them, and contact details of any witnesses. Keep this information safe so you can provide it to a lawyer later.

    You could also:

    Work together:

    • Talk as a group if others were sprayed or assaulted. Support each other
    • You could approach a lawyer together.
    • Your activist group should support you as well

    Note: Legal information for Victoria only, October 2023.

    *Pepper spray, oleoresin capsicum spray, OC spray

    Download this Information as an A5 Flyer (PDF)

    This flyer also has information about Pepper spray aftercare from Naarm Frontline Medics Collective. email: [email protected]

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