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Protest, Repression and the Law:
A Series of Public Panels and Trainings

Previously postponed from Victoria Law Week 2020, MALS is presenting a series of free virtual public panels and trainings around the theme: “Protest, Repression and the Law.” These panels and trainings have been made possible through a grant from the Victoria Law Foundation. Open to all and questions welcome!

Protest, Repression and the Law: A Right to Protest?

Thursday 27 August

Join MALS for a virtual discussion on the right to protest and the Victorian Charter featuring Dr Maria O’Sullivan (Monash), Michael Stanton (Barrister), and Chris Breen (refugee activist, AEU Vic Branch Councillor, and teacher).

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Defending Protest

Friday 11 September

Join MALS for a virtual discussion featuring Dr Nicole Rogers (Southern Cross University) and Felicity Gerry, QC (Barrister, Deakin) on innovative legal defences for protest.
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Community Know Your Rights Trainings

Saturday 12 or 19 September (Offered twice)

Join us for an interactive community training by Melbourne Activist Legal Support on your rights when engaging in protest. Material will be presented twice and is relevant to all persons interested in civil action.

Register here: 12 September
OR 19 September

Melbourne Activist Legal Support
Law Week 2020  

Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS)

is an independent volunteer group of lawyers, human rights advocates, law students and para-legals. MALS trains and fields Legal Observer Teams at protest events, provides training and advice to activist groups on legal support structures, and develops and distributes legal resources for social movements. MALS works in conjunction with law firms, community legal centres, and a range of local, national, and international human rights agencies. We stand up for civil and political rights.

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